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      Orchids of North East India
       Many thanks to Dr Pankaj for IDing and correcting the IDs
  Arundina graminifolia
 Arundina graminifolia (1)
  Ascocentrum ampullaceum
 Ascocentrum ampullaceum (2)
  Papilionanthe vandarum
 Papilionanthe vandarum (3)
  Phaius tankervilleae
 Phaius tankervilleae (4)
  Epidendrum radicans
 Epidendrum radicans (5)
  Cymbidium mastersii
 Cymbidium mastersii (6)
  Dendrobium williamsonii
 Dendrobium williamsonii (7)
  Dendrobium ochreatum
 Dendrobium ochreatum (8)
  Pholidota imbrecata
 Pholidota imbrecata (9)
  Dendrobium nobile
 Dendrobium nobile (10)
  Dendrobium jenkinsii
 Dendrobium jenkinsii (11)
  Dendrobium fimbriatum
 Dendrobium fimbriatum (12)
  Dendrobium densiflorum
 Dendrobium densiflorum (13)
  Dendrobium cucullatum
 Dendrobium cucullatum (14)
  Dendrobium anceps
 Dendrobium anceps (15)
  Coelogyne corymbosa
 Coelogyne corymbosa (16)
  Oberonia pachyrachis
 Oberonia pachyrachis (17)
  Coelogyne stricta
 Coelogyne stricta (18)
  Esmeralda clarkei
 Esmeralda clarkei (19)
  Coelogyne sp.
 Coelogyne sp. (20)
  Coelogyne micrantha
 Coelogyne micrantha (21)
  Eria sp.
 Eria sp.(22)
  Dendrobium crepidatum
 Dendrobium crepidatum (23)
  Otochilus porrectus
 Otochilus porrectus (24)
  Eria lasiopetala
 Eria lasiopetala (25)
  Goodyera procera
 Goodyera procera (26)
  Coelogyne sp.
 Coelogyne sp. (27)
  unid sp.
 unid sp. (28)
  Eria pannea
 Eria pannea (30)
  Calanthe mannii
 Calanthe mannii(31)
  unid sp.
 unid sp. (32)
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